UnitIT is your reliable partner for your complete IT-environment. We are specialized in analyzing and controlling your business risks.

While you are focusing on your core business, we will take care of your IT-environment. With our services and solutions, named ‘First Class ICT’, you don’t have to worry about your IT anymore.

A safe, reliable and regulations compliant IT-environment is essential for your business continuity and clients. Being prepared if things go wrong, i.e. hacks, ransomware, phishing, etc., is a necessity these days because cybercrime is strongly increasing.

With our security scan we will investigate your IT-environment at different levels. After our security scan you will receive a detailed report about vulnerabilities and other risks. Also, we will advise you how to improve the reliability and continuity of your IT-environment.

Consider what happens if your data is not available, work can’t be done or business critical data ends up in the hands of cyber criminals. UnitIT helps you to maximize the security of your data by proactive and continuously testing, evaluation and monitoring your IT-environment. Implementing our effective IT system management will save you time, effort and money. Our continuity plan will prevent down time, reputational damage, data loss, legal claims and lots of other costs.

Over 70% of all security incidents are the result of human mistakes. Our awareness training, available in eight languages, will improve the security awareness of your employees. We will invite your participating employees, monitor their progress and report the results to you. We will take care of everything!

If you want a secure, reliable and more efficiently IT-environment, contact us today!